Cutting or Drilling into Concrete?

Whether cutting or drilling a concrete slab, walls, roofs, or any floors in between...concrete scanning is an integral part of the operation to ensure the safety of the work crews and the integrity of the building's infrastructure. Concrete scanning provides means to identify not only the layout of the reinforcing structure within the concrete, but any utility structures that lie within or directly under the concrete.

We understand what risks there are when working with concrete.

Mason Private Locating understands the needs of our clients and has the years of experience to back this up. Our technicians carry a suite of equipment that works in support of our concrete scanning equipment to ensure that all utilities and structures, both within and underneath the concrete is identified, located, and marked.

Mason expertise includes:

  • Technicians thoroughly versed in the layout and construction techniques for walls, slabs, floors, and roofs. This includes specialized construction such as post-tensioned, hollow core and pan deck floors - which require a more specialized approach to complete successfully.
  • Technicians who understand utility system construction and how those systems may run in or under a concrete slab. Equally important these technicians carry the additional locating equipment to make sure these systems can be located.
  • Finally, from our estimators and schedulers to our project managers and field technicians, Mason Private Locating has unmatched customer service. This ensures a seamless process with unmatched accuracy and deliverables.